• How Effective Is Muay Thai?

      There’s a reason why so many MMA, UFC and martial art practitioners train in Muay Thai – and that’s because it is hands down one of the most effective martial art forms in the world. With our training, you’ll learn how to take your body to an entirely different level; one that could defend you, should you face attack on any scale.

    • "If you think a thing is impossible, you’ll only make it impossible."

      - Bruce Lee

    • This school is all about mastery, mastery at it's best. I'm such a better fighter and person because of all the professional instructors at UMA. I highly recommend this school to anyone.


    • What an incredible place. I've been training there for a number of years now and love it. Fantastic instructors, friends and an unreal training curriculum which caters to all ages and fitness levels. I've got my whole family on board now and we all love it. I highly recommend it to everyone.


    • UMA is an inspirational place to train with a team of professional, talented & friendly instructors to guide you through your training journey. I highly recommend this experience.